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  • Trying to work out where to place this comment - here will do.

    Awesome work!

    Here’s an idea: why not have the entire output of the transmitter be NMEA, with proprietary sentences (prefixed $P) for sensor data etc? That way, you could log one file - and plug it into any NMEA compatible software (e.g. Google Earth) - plus write your own software that lets you plot various things against position, time and such without having to transform the file at all. Also, you’d then have a complete log of everything the GPS module output - potentially handy especially in the case of fix issues. And, even at 9600bps, you have plenty of time to insert your own sentences.

    I’ll admit - this is biased: I developed something similar during a uni project (a HAB) and that was how we did it, and it worked pretty well (eventually). I was thinking of producing a “standard” set of proprietary sentences and software that will read HAB tracks (live and recorded), such this software can be used with other HAB setups that transmit in the same manner, and be able to treat different sensor types appropriately (using the right units, etc)

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