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  • ATX connector? they were on AT too. Molex power connector?

  • I bought the old sequencer. It really is terrible, and I'd like to get a newer one. Is there any sort of deal you can give me since the old product has so many issues? I would be willing to send the old board back, depending on the deal. It still 'works' (as much as one could say it ever worked) and none of the triacs are blown. You can contact me via email.


  • I would avoid getting this product, it is terrible. The first one I got was DoA, and it took almost a month for me to get a replacement from sparkfun (and only a day or two of that was my fault, the rest was just waiting). I also had to regularly check up on the status, like you would on a 9 year old cleaning his bedroom.
    The second one I recieved, while it works, i would barely consider it working. If I even look at it wrong, it resets. I can't run any of the examples from the EL Escucho library. If I try to turn all of the outputs on (with the function in the library), the board resets. This is a terrible product. See for a list of more problems with it.

  • Is there any documentation for the hardware that goes with this? I'm looking for pinouts of the connectors. Also, this is set up so I can use a usb to ttl converter and program it with the arduino software (as a lilypad), correct?

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