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  • Product WRL-11777 | about 4 months ago

    can 2 of these be paired?

  • Product TOL-11456 | about 5 months ago

    Will this wall wart run a Raspberry Pi with a usb wifi adapter and Ethernet in use? I’ve had trouble with other suggested power supplies and definitively traced it to the wall wart being used.

  • Product DEV-11546 | about 5 months ago

    The beagle black actually costs less when you compare the total cost of everything required to make either usable. The Beagle Black also is far more expandable with a much greater amount and variety of IO.

  • Product PRT-00116 | about 6 months ago

    Generally they are .025 square pins for headers such as these. computing the square root of the sum of the squares gives about .0353….. so fudge a bit and call it .040 for hole diameter…… (or just use the library part in eagle from the sparkfun eagle library - then get the size bits eagle calls for)

  • Custom Page - hackerinresidence | about 6 months ago

    While it’s obvious that given enough funding one could rent (or buy) whatever tools and resources they might need to complete just about any project desired could someone from sparkfun give an idea of just what resources and tooling sparkfun already has on site? For instance, can sparkfun do quickturn protoboards themselves or need they be sent out for fab and what other skills might one be able to pull from toward project completion such as electronics assembly, or machining, or welding, etc (maybe someone has a great idea and they are strong in one discipline but weak in another needed to complete it). Is sparkfun leaning toward offering a bench set up with basic electronics test gear (bench supply, scope, multimeter, waveform generator, counter, & maybe functions such as a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, or network analyzer depending upon the project along with a decent set of tools for breadboarding, soldering, and assembly of electronic prototypes where the hacker in residence works as a relatively self contained entity to complete and document a project or might there be other involvement from sparkfun staff possible, especially to fill in specific skill areas? I guess the other question I’d be asking as well is how fast can little subtasks be turned around (I already mentioned board fab, but others as well…).

  • Product WRL-11777 | about 8 months ago

    I’m a bit confused……

    This device will do Bluetooth SPP & HSP/HFP which enables it to function as a bluetooth headset. What do I put on the other end that I pipe audio data into and out of to form the other end of this connection. Please don’t just simply give some example of some oft consumer device like an mp3 player or phone. I’m looking for what kind of module or other widget I need to integrate into my electronics to interact with this module from what I’d guess might be called the host side. Can 2 of these units for instance be peered with each other?

  • Product BOB-10124 | about 9 months ago

    Why does one need a breakout board for a part which is available in thru-hole packaging?

  • Product COM-10969 | about 9 months ago

    can we get the old unbranded kit back? this kit is way short on values! Also do we really need to pay for 0Ω resistors as part of the kit? I’d call that wire! (unless by some stretch of physics you have found a way for these to really be 0Ω±5% then maybe you could auction them along with your nobel prize!)

  • Product LCD-11743 | about 9 months ago

    Quite honestly I’m really sad to see Sparkfun Choose the RPi platform over the beagle bone black. The black costs less, is more open, and offers more options for expansion. It is what it is though. I’ve come to realize that no there are not many good display options for RPi but how about offering a touchscreen spi display then. there’s decent framebuffer drivers under linux for those that work equally well with the pi and beagle, though guess who wrote the driver - yea, it was TI, gasp! not like broadcom would open up to the community really we do need a DSI driver for the pi, that would largely resolve things, but this display for the pi is just way overkill and an expensive excess.

  • Product LCD-11743 | last year

    Could Sparkfun offer a real live honest to goodness touchscreen only for the RPi (DSI based) rather than this 4d systems visi-genie crap. I can understand it for the arduino platform…. but the RPi is a full arm platform complete with an on-board interface to drive a full lcd. The title is somewhat misleading as to what this display really is.

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