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  • Would it work if I was to perforate this using a CNC router table? My goal is to create something that you can see through (like a mesh) but still illuminate. I'd probably coat the backside with clear fingernail polish or something similar to seal the edges. I'm not sure if it's two continuous layers with no restriction on hole placement. At some point, too many holes would probably crack it etc.

  • Can you please tell me if this jumper fits the EL Escudo Dos?

  • So what would happen if I cut the +HV traces so that I could hook up separate inverters to each or a pair of channels? As long as the grounds were all interconnected, would it work?

    The idea is that I could power a whole lot more simultaneous strands of EL wire.


  • Can you tell me what model triac this uses?

  • I saw a new product this morning that you guys have to get. I toured Crosslink in the Jordan Valley Innovation Center in Springfield, MO. They've created electroluminescent fabric! It looks like it operates the same as EL Wire, with a high-frequency inverter etc. They developed it for the Army to create illuminated panels in tents. I saw two, large panels: one aqua and one white. It was AWESOME!!! Imagine sewing clothes and stuff that will completely illuminate. The possibilities are insane.

  • This device is not configured to output the GPRMC string. You have to connect to it using their software to turn that sentence on.<br />
    <br />
    However, it does that through the "A" serial interface and not the "B" NMEA port. My gps shield from adafruit won't connect to it.<br />
    <br />
    Wish there was a simple way to get it reprogrammed without having to buy the $40 breakout board for just one operation.

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