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  • I’m having a bit of a problem with the Z output. I have built a XYZ monitor out of an Tek waveform monitor which uses a scope CRT. I have built deflection amps after this schematic: and it works great!

    The instrument originally had a Z-input from the main processor, and it’s current-controlled. I added a NPN transistor with 825 ohm in series, this is what the apparatus originally used for blanking/drawing. Controlling the transistor from my signal gen works just fine, i can get good blanking on the CRT.

    Without blanking: With blanking connected: (sorry for the shaky picture)

    Connecting the ZLINE og ZINV to my transistor, i get a strange picture. With my transistor, the beam is active high, so i need to use the ZINV output on the board, but the picure is wrong. I can see the image, but maybe only 20% of the segments are legible, like the signal on the Z channel is a bit off in timing. I don’t have any other scope with a Z input that i can test this on, any advice on my problem here ? Thanks!

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