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  • OUCH. I'm lucky I've never done that. I work on billing gateways a LOT, and I've managed not to commit that faux pas. I did once issue this command on a production server: TRUNCATE TABLE order_line_items;

    Luckily we had backups from a few hours earlier, and copies of all the invoices for that day. I got to practice my data entry skills.

  • Quick tip to make installing them very easy. If you have another shield, like the Ethershield, place these on the bottom of the other shield's pins (as if the other shield was plugged into the shield you're installing these pins on.)

    Then, put the pins through the holes on the shield, turn it upside down, and solder away. The headers will be held securely in the proper position the entire time.

  • You added a PCB clamp for my birthday! You do love me!

  • According to the description, no. It just stores its serial number, and that's it.

  • YAY Gravatar!

  • The picture of the back of the packaging doesn't agree with the front. On the back, it shows a board with a barrel jack /and/ a USB port. The pictures showing the board itself show just a USB port. Which is correct?

  • Both. It alternates between them.

  • Got mine yesterday, and put together the capacitance meter kit in an hour or so. The soldering station impressed me greatly, starting from when I turned it on to when I was done.
    I set it up, and turned it on, then when to grab my supplies and tools. Before I had even started picking stuff up off the shelf a few feet away, it beeped, saying it had reached 350 degrees. Shockingly fast warmup. And it did a flawless job on the rest of the project.
    The handle never so much as warmed up, and it's nice and light and easy to use. The cord back to the base is just the right stiffness, so that it doesn't tangle up with itself, and yet it moves easily out of the way, without tugging on the handle.
    SO very very glad I got this. Only need a few more tools now, and I'll have a great workbench.

  • It was down multiple times. I'm SO glad I wasn't working for SFE IT that day. :)

  • Open-air transmission can go significantly further than the normal 'max', especially in good conditions, which is probably what's going on there. I certainly wouldn't rely on that sort of range, unless you have lots of control over the conditions it will be used under.