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  • I'm assuming indiegogo? Ah the wonderful world of 'starters.

  • I think he's talking about one of the electrical security strikers for professional security and automation. They require a lot more effort to install. By comparison the one above is for hobbiests, you attach and can remove it with ease. Moreover to have an electric striker that also contains a key and bolt turner, your looking at 150+.

    I'm not sure he understands that most SparkFun users are diy on the weekend learners. And not likely to run 100feet of electrical cable through the walls and into a door.

  • I think you're missing the point of IoT and diy: if you want it your way, you should make it your way - create a video if you want. They aren't sending with electronics for a reason, however the majority of tinkerers would use it exactly as showcased. But isn't the idea to do what you want?

  • This book was absolutely amazing, I just recommended it for the fifth time. And every time I start a complex build I find myself running to it. Absolutely stellar.

  • I recently picked one of these up. There are a couple of gray areas in the instructions, and I threw a quick assembly video together and post that should help a little bit. It makes a nice accompaniment to the instructions:

    Blog post and video

    Hopefully it helps!

  • The price is fine. PCB + ATMega328P flashed + bits, pieces, packaging. Code created by Sparkfun. All adding up to a keyboard a kid could learn and put together for under 40 bucks? Its fine.

    Some people (such as below) expect you to challenge the market at China engineering costs and development. Yes, an ATMEGA328P can be grabbed for about 3.65 with no bootloader from China in small quantities. But local ATMega328P with something flashed? Your looking at 7 bucks or so.

    Reality is, the price will never be low enough for everyone :)

  • I recently bought ~220 Ding and Dent items - and I couldn't be happier! If your curious and what to see what I got --- check out my blog here :). I posted photos and all. Totally excited!! Thanks SparkFun.

  • Wow. I ordered 11 boards. All turned out to be protoboards, full size. Very cool thanks guys

  • I reflashed it this morning using an Uno, and this time the flashing worked:

    The redboard is finally responding. Still no response from spark fun - but at least its working.

  • It is a nice theory. However I have 3 other boards that have never exhibited the issue. Side-by-side, the red board fails and the official Uno works on two different computer systems on 1.0.1, 1.0.5 and 1.5.5 beta. I'm still waiting for support to reply to my emails. Unfortunately yes, in my case, it seems to be only one specific redboard.

    Also in the first 3 pages of the search you provided - only 1 entry matches the error and is unrelated as for me mine worked and gradually started failing over time.

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