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Country: Ireland



Interested in the ambient monitoring of normal activites and falls in the elderly using kinematic sensors.


Postdoctoral researcher


University of Limerick

Spoken Languages

English, a little irish y un poquito de espa?ol

Programming Languages

C, Matlab.


University of Limerick


Fall detection and activity classification using accelerometers and rate gyroscopes



The identification of vertical velocity profiles using an inertial sensor to investigate pre-impact detection of falls Medical Engineering & Physics, Volume 30, Issue 7, Pages 937-946 A. Bourke, K. O?Donovan, G. ?Laighin A threshold-based fall-detection algorithm using a bi-axial gyroscope sensor Medical Engineering & Physics, Volume 30, Issue 1, Pages 84-90 A. Bourke, G. Lyons

Evaluation of a threshold-based tri-axial accelerometer fall detection algorithm Gait & Posture, Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 194-199 A. Bourke, J. O?Brien, G. Lyons

A proposal for the classification and evaluation of fall detectors IRBM Volume 29 (2008) 340?349 N Noury, P Rumeau, AK Bourke, G ?Laighin, JE Lundy

  • The Accelerometer values come back in 2’s complement format. So some negative values close to 0 are printed in the 65000 range.
    Thank you Mike and Tim (Sparkfun) for sorting this out for us.

  • Found the problem. I had some Symbian software installed and in the Path, these folders were being searched first. I changed the order that the WinARM folder was, in the path, so that it occured at the start and moved the Symbian stuff off my machine.

  • The full error is:

    “make.exe” all
    Sorry, \epoc32\tools\make.exe is not supported in this release. Please use a different
    device. Use ‘devices’ to view the available devices.
    Process Exit Code: 2
    Time Taken: 00:01

  • Hi There
    I’ve downloaded and installed the WinARM package onto my C Drive, made the necessary changes in the path of the environment variable.
    My operating system is XP, however when I “make all” I get the following error
    the error is:

    “make.exe” all
    Sorry, \epoc32\tools\make.exe is not supported in this release. Please use a different
    device. Use ‘devices’ to view the available devices.
    What do I do ? :-~

  • Great idea for a device, really cool kit.
    I have set it up with the battery, uSD card, GPS module. It’s successfully logs the data to the uSD card, however the reading I got from the accelerometer were very strange, the values for 2 of the axes are at about 65534 at the same time, which sounds very wrong, since the device is motionless on my desk.
    Also the GPS readings seem to be a bit off, by about a 1Km roughly.
    The files I recorded with the device are available to examine.
    Have I got a faulty device?

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