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    9DOF? Technically, a bit of an overstatement in my opinion. This sensor board has the ability to detect angular rotation in three axises, and linear acceleration in three axises. That is a total of 6 degrees of freedom. By integrating the outputs of these sensors correctly, one can determine the orientation and location of the sensor board in 3 dimensions. The fact that you also can measure magnetic field strength in 3 axises does not allow you to claim 9DOF, since this sensor outputs data that is correlated with that of the gyro sensor. The benefit of the magnetic sensor is that it allows one to compensate for the offset errors of the gyro sensor in IMU applications.
    I understand your argument. Strictly speaking there are only 6 DOF in the physical world. However, the quantization errors of the gyro and accelerometers are very significant when dealing with very small movements. The magnetometer allows you to overcome this error providing "dead reckoning" which is a classic problem with IMUs.
    Perhaps, to satisfy both camps of thinking, you could call it 6DOF+3DODR (Degrees Of Dead Reckoning)?

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