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  • Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm not angry I didn't "win". I'm angry that this whole thing was such a mess. In my previous post, I emphasized on the "shopping experience", not on the contest itself.
    And there must have been better ways to give back to the community... Free classes in impoverished schools, random contests with applications or bursaries. But I guess those don't give enough publicity...

  • I have to say this was a very frustrating experience. This was the worst shopping experience I have ever faced in all of my life, to tell the truth. I had everything ready for checkout the day prior to the event, but after hours this morning hopelessly trying to checkout, I gave up.
    I am very disappointed on how this was all planned out. And I keep wondering if this really did "give back to the community" in a meaningful way and not a huge publicity stunt.
    Congratulation to the people who did get the freebies. I will be turning my business back towards Digikey and Robotshop.

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