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  • The pins in this connector are really tight in the power supply's connector. I mean it takes a lot of force to plug or unplug it. At first I was a little concerned that the tab for the clip wasn't double-wide to facilitate clipping to a in a 20-pin power supply, but with it being this tight, the clip is unnecessary. But really, it being this tight makes it pretty unusable.

  • Heh, I thought about that too. I was sitting in study hall though. SparkFun is definitely better than studying for history exam.

  • I think that went well. I think the rules were better than last year, and the servers handled it better.
    From a fellow admin, there were 2 things I noticed that could have improved performance (well, one's client-side performance):
    * HTTP caching: HTTP provides controls for exactly how the client caches a file. This could drastically help almost-static files like JS and CSS that weren't changing, but kept getting reloaded.
    * JS placement: due to some braindead spec, browsers stop rendering, and wait for JS in the head. Normally this doesn't matter, because that's all function definitions. However, if there is actual code, the browser must stop for it. If the JS is in an external file, which can't be reached, then the user ends up staring at a white screen, even though all the HTML is there and could be rendered.
    Looking at the HTML I noticed that the URL of the logo image is malformed, it's got 2 slashes between the host an the path.
    Also, I found it amusing that the apple-touch-icon is fanboy.png.
    Maybe next year I can get though more than one question. (To be clear, the problem wasn't my knowledge, it was whether the answer would go through.) Although, I wasted a lot of time resetting my password.

  • How difficult would it be to attach this to an atmega32? I've seen many projects with use USB to connect to the mega32, however, it has occurred to me that it is probably much more complex it make the thing function as a host controller, rather than just a node.

  • It makes sense, it terminates your existing connection. If the server or network dropped your connection, you will want to manually create a new connection than wait for it to time out.
    Also, sometimes the main HTML page loads, but, say, the CSS file, or some other media times out, then the page gets pretty crippled, and you have to refresh.
    Though, I'm sure a ton of people were doing it excessively.

  • That makes a lot of sense, routers normally give phones and such devices priority because with a web page a few dropped packets means a slow page, but with voice a few dropped packets means a dropped call.

  • That would be really cool. I'd be showing off my cool cellular gizmo, then I'd pop it open, and be like, ``See that? That's my username etched into the board.''

  • Yeah, I'm PSYCHED about the season finally starting on Saturday.

  • I don't think browser would have much to do with it, it would still be interesting demographic info though.
    ISP might have significant impact though...

  • I had my dad try to order me some parts from the office while I was at school. He says that he filled the cart, but was never able to check-out.
    Man, I've been dreaming about this for a while. Oh well, I guess I'll try to scrape up another $100, and wait 'till after robotics season.
    Thanks, anyway, it's still cool you did this. I hope Andrew was able to get what he wanted...

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