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  • For the videography/photography geeks, can we get details about the gear you play with for the SFE videos?

    Spotted in the action shots are a Sony alpha (model?) DSLR with a 24-70mm lens, a Sennheiser wireless mic receiver, several tripods with different heads, a monopod, and iKan lights.

  • Hey Sparkfun, please include these links in the product description/document tab:

    Product Data Sheet: Application Specifications: Product Cut Sheet: Product drawing:

    Also, please confirm if the antenna has any VHB tape on it or not.

  • Got my pair of RTK Express(s) and so can answer my own question. The display is a SSD1306 Sparkfun Qwiic Micro OLED breakout (LCD-14532), 64x48 pixels/0.66" diagonal.

    That means if anybody wants to turn the unit upside down, it is possible to rotate the display. Note it is glued down, but looks like it could be removed (carefully) and reattached, then you can use the other qwiic connector.

    Hey Sparkfun - the case is great! Have you considered selling it as a project box (with or without the membrane buttons/FPC and display cut out)?

    BTW, I'm in LA too at CPP and would be happy to talk about mobile mapping. Won't be too hard to figure out who I am.

  • The RTK Express Schematic PDF (dated 6/1/21 and 6/9/21) linked to the product and start up guide don't include the OLED display.

    What are the display's spec's? Can it be turned off to save power?

  • Assuming the 300m range in the description is for the 100mw version (, does anybody have an updated Tx/Rx range for the 500mw version?

  • Been waiting for a Weather Board that works with Artemis, thank you!

    Can you add to the Hookup Guide details about using an analog capacitive soil moisture sensor (such as DFRobot's Gravity Soil Moisture Probe my goto soil sensor these days) via the latch terminals G0/Bus0 and A0?

    Better yet for V2 of the Weather Board is adding a jumper that bypasses the micromod connector to provide power directly from the voltage regulator to the latch terminal instead of G0/Bus0.

  • FYI Github link is broken:

    On the Schematic, the PTH are called out as being I2C/Qwiic, with the silkscreen labels them as C D 3 G... so that makes them sCA sDa 3v3(Vcc) and GND?

    2nd the request for adding PTH contacts for the capacitor chip.

  • Is there a breakout board for the industrial gas sensors? Are the pins compatible with female jumper wires?

  • Will the Artemis OpenLog firmware work on other Artemis/Apollo3 boards: Thing Plus, ATP, Nano, or Edge Development Board/Apollo3 Blue?

  • What are the dimensions of the wall adapter?