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Landscape Futurist

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Futurist, professor, and landscape architect.

  • Been waiting for a Weather Board that works with Artemis, thank you!

    Can you add to the Hookup Guide details about using an analog capacitive soil moisture sensor (such as DFRobot's Gravity Soil Moisture Probe dfrobot.com/product-2054.html my goto soil sensor these days) via the latch terminals G0/Bus0 and A0?

    Better yet for V2 of the Weather Board is adding a jumper that bypasses the micromod connector to provide power directly from the voltage regulator to the latch terminal instead of G0/Bus0.

  • FYI Github link is broken: https://github.com/sparkfunX/Qwiic_I2C_Capacitor

    On the Schematic, the PTH are called out as being I2C/Qwiic, with the silkscreen labels them as C D 3 G... so that makes them sCA sDa 3v3(Vcc) and GND?

    2nd the request for adding PTH contacts for the capacitor chip.

  • Is there a breakout board for the industrial gas sensors? Are the pins compatible with female jumper wires?

  • Will the Artemis OpenLog firmware work on other Artemis/Apollo3 boards: Thing Plus, ATP, Nano, or Edge Development Board/Apollo3 Blue?

  • What are the dimensions of the wall adapter?

  • Just got my camera, the connector is 0.5mm 24 pitch.

  • For use with other development boards, what is the pitch of the ribbon cable and is it single sided or double sided?

    The Sparkfun Edge Dev Board specs the connector as an 'OV7670 camera connector' and on the schematic (https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/2/b/7/4/d/SparkFun_Edge_Schematic.pdf) calls out 21 pins (though the OV7670 seems to have just 16 pins), but the HM01B0 ribbon cable is labeled 1-24 pins. Can you provide a pinout for the HM01B0?

    What is the field of view for the lens?

  • Schematic file for the Qwiic Button is missing: https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/1/e/5/4/4/QwiicButtonSchematic.pdf Also can't figure out the i2c address.

  • With Sparkfun and Adafruit playing together with Qwiic, is an Artemis Nano to Feather adapter in the works?

    Better yet, can Sparkfun make an Artemis Feather board???

  • Got the MiniGen for my university's students to use. To allow switching between 3v3 and 5v power, I cut the trace between the 5v and GND pad, then soldered a trio of (trimmed) long male header pins (needed to bend them closer to work) to use with a jumper shunt.

    But right after soldering, the pads pulled off the board when minor torque was applied to the pins :-(

    As the pads still seem to be connected to the boards traces - fingers crossed that superglue will do the trick.