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  • Maybe hay bails in colored trash bags. Color would be so so awesome… like orange or green.

  • Is it just me or is Sparkfun leaning a bit towards “don’t put any new development into AVC” Classic AVC: You want to –>reuse<– an autonomous car from a previous AVC? Go for it. There will be a 25-pound limit.

    I’ve never entered before but I’ve been tinkering with an entry for a long time. I’d like to stay classic because transporting a power wheels doesn’t work with my current vehicle situation. However, if classic is going to get dropped in future years I guess I should just commit…..

  • 10K is a bit low for rad hard space products. A RAD750 starts around 250K.

  • Oops, looks like i got a solder blob on the facial expression circuit.

  • I did (what I thought) was some pretty fun trickery to get a pattern in copper. Check out my instructable here.. http://www.instructables.com/id/ArduFlake-Turn-you-Arduino-into-the-best-gift-of-/

    The hardest part was to get the image I wanted to not interfere with the traces… I wish when you imported graphics in eagle they were more polygon based rather than rasterized traces…

  • This only works with employees who have slightly offset heads. The team are working on an adapter shield for employees who have standard .1" head / shoulder spacing.

  • So are you confined to the sparkfun inventor kit are should you bring a project of yours?

  • Your parts took a ride to space last summer :) Note your accelerometer post flight!


    Preflight https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=210565282323114&set=a.210565205656455.50725.181807745198868&type=3&theater

  • So when is sparkfun going to organize a colorado mini maker fair? We have a pretty good amount of nerds and hippies to make a great one!

  • Random idea.. but have you thought about making a mobile retail booth. I was thinking you could see a lot of stuff at robotic competitions etc.