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  • I don't think the klaxon idea is a good idea.

    A better idea is this: Have a password hash stored in a ROM circuit somewhere in the pump. Then have a battery backed SRAM, connected to a leaf switch on the pump. This battery backed RAM also have a IR diode that can receive data from a remote.

    If the pump is opened, the cleartext password is deleted from the battery backed SRAM, causing the password to no longer match the hash inside ROM. Upom this detection, it would be best to just have it to disable the pump and also completely remove power from the card reader.

    When a approved technician is going to repair the pump, he does his repair as normal. When he then closes the cover, the pump will now refuse to start up (as the password does not match the hash). To reset this, the technician would then use a IR remote to re-instate the password inside the battery backed RAM.

    And if the pump is disabled due to a cleared password, the technician then knows somebody has poked inside without authorization.

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