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  • To get this working with a Yun First Generation (and probably some of it applies to other ATmega32U4 based boards):

    1) Connect SPI lines MISO, MOSI and CLK from the ICSP header to RFM69BOB pins O,I and C respectively. (Do not use pins 11-13 as the tutorial for the Uno)

    2) For Slave Select use Yun Digital Pin 10 (i.e. connect RFM69BOB pin S to Yun pin D10)

    3) For the Rx Interrupt use Pin 3, not Pin 2 as in the Tutorial (look at RFM69.h ifdef for AVR_ATmega32U4 to understand why)

    In your code set the slave select pin like so:

    // Initialize the RFM69HCW:
    radio.initialize(FREQUENCY, MYNODEID, NETWORKID);
    radio.setHighPower(); // Always use this for RFM69HCW

    That's it!

    Note that the Yun/ATMega combo seems to be a bit slow on sending the ACK so for your other radios you should use a bit more time and retries if you want ACK to work. I am currently using (on all other radios except the Yun):

    radio.sendWithRetry(TONODEID, sendbuffer, sendlength, 5, 100)

    Hope this helps other Yun Generation 1 users that want to mess with RFM69 and use the Yun as the IoT gateway.

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