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  • The key word is “necessary”. I think it is obvious that lasting sustainable meaningful change can be produced by a dictator or religious figure, or through secretive guilds, or war, or natural disaster. I suspect the Ice Age caused quite a bit of it.
    I claim the proposition is false. So, are they driven by a false vision? Young and naive? Just a bit giddy and use rather hyperbolic language? Found a way to make a buck? Do they sell ad space?

  • Yes, it does sound like the 70’s all over again. The communes failed. The manipulators and lowlifes took over. Weird to see it starting again.
    Anyway, here is a challenge for the “Feast” home page. Please engage brain before reading. Is it a Truth, or a word salad?
    “An open exchange of ideas across industries and society is necessary to produce lasting, sustainable, meaningful change."

  • The late Jef Raskin had a cardboard slope soaring design, the Wester Wind. He had so many bundles of the die cut birds that we used to build them up then have “Cardboard Combat” above Pacifica.
    I’m curious about that landing within 6 meters. Were they volt meters or ameters? I bet they were digital multi-meters. Were they in a circle?

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