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  • In case other people need to see the wiring diagram I used, take a look at http://www.centralnexus.com/seismograph/details_bma180.html
    A logic level converter should not be used. It makes the readings very noisy.

  • I first used the ADXL345 with my first seismometer. The sensitivity was okay. My next revision uses the BMA180 accelerometer, which seems to have noticeably less noise.
    I have the data sent from the Arduino to my low power computer, and it writes the data to its hard drive. It zips the data inline with Java. The old one recorded at 200Hz, and the latest one records at 150Hz. My Java graphing program can do a lot more analysis than the Arduino. The 200Hz compressed data is about 23MB of data per day, but the generated pictures is about 75KB.
    My current ADXL345 based seismometer has only been able to noticeable and correctly record one 4.1 earthquake.
    Details and results can be found here:

  • Are there any SPI or I2C wiring examples for using this accelerometer with Duemilanove? The diagrams in the datasheet aren't working for me.

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