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  • Hi, we sell them here we buy them from various sellers depending on stock levels and sadly I don't have a part number or datasheet.

  • Kev Misread the notice board and saw the word 'Actobotics' thinking it was 'Acrobatics' . . . . . Oh well . . .

  • Does anyone Know how to set the baud rate on these?

  • Proto-PIC (that's us) stock them

  • We have been doing a similar breakout board for the TPIC6B595 Shift Register 8-bit High Power IC. Its a bit more expensive because of the higher cost of the device but it is a great way of driving high power devices whilst just using up 3 pins on the Arduino. It also comes with the pin headers, a dip socket (incase you blow the chip) and a decoupling cap as standard.

  • Hi we've made a Video blog post with an example schematic for those who are having issues getting these to work:

  • Here is a shifter breakout board that can drive these displays easily
    There is example arduino code and simple library files too.

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