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  • Send an email 3 days ago, no reply yet. Could you please kindly check Case #255099?

  • I understood what seems to be the trouble - I tried to read fuses and for some reason I got this message: avrdude.exe: "fuse" memory type not defined for part "ATtiny84"

    Meaning that probably fuses are missing or my usbasp programmer can't read them? How do I set up fuses for this project?

  • Please sparkfun team, help me - the servo moves in one direction when I power it on - no reaction to trimpot adjustments. I don't know what to do.

  • I have assembled the servo trigger, programmed it and it's not working. I am now trying to understand the reason - any help would be highly appreciated. What happens - when I connect power, the servo keeps going in one direction. When I enable input, it doesn't change the direction. I haven't soldered any of the SJ jumpers - everything is left by default. I assembled everything based on the picture on the main page. 10uF capacitor is soldered as on the picture. 0.1uF capacitor polarity as well as resistor and resonator polarity is not important (correct me if am wrong). As for Attiny chip - I have soldered it as shown on the picture (is this the correct orientation?) I have used Attiny84A instead of Attiny84. I didn't change anything in the project in Atmel Studio and flashed the chip as Attiny84. Do I need to change anything in the project for Attiny84A. And if so, what exactly? I have used USBASP programmer to flash the chip. I am not sure it supports Attiny84A but it showed that flashing was done successfully - fuses etc. Also what mode should I use If I would like to have the following - when I press the button servo goes from A to B, when I press the button one more time servo returns from B to A. Should I use the default settings? Sorry, it's hard to understand the explanation about modes since I am not a native speaker. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Thak you very much indeed. Looks like the description in the shop is not correct:

    https://www.arrow.com/en/products/attiny84-20ssu/microchip-technology https://www.arrow.com/en/products/attiny84a-ssf/microchip-technology

  • I am asking, because I have noticed that Attiny84A has only one PWM timer, instead of 2 in Attiny84. It also doesn't have UART and I2C. So it would be good to know, if Second PWM timer, UART and I2C are used in this project.

  • I am trying to assemble the same servo trigger board and I don't need any feature changes. The reason I am asking - I would like to build this using the brd files provided. I am now trying to purchase Attiny84 but it's twice as expensive as Attiny84A. So I would like to know, whether I can use Attiny84A. It's not clear whether second PWM, UART and I2C are used in this project. Or are you trying to tell that building this is not possible? Thank you very much in advance.

  • Can I use Attiny84A instead of Attiny84? I guess I can't since Attiny84A has only 1 PWM, doesn't have UART and I2C. Could you please confirm? It's also not very clear which voltage should capacitors have - I have ordered 6.3 DC. Is it correct?

    Thank you very much for what you have been doing.

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