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  • I am looking for a relay that can handle 600W amplifier for two 4 ohm speakers. Can this product handle it or do you have a product that does it? Thank you!

  • I connected PWM and DIR to Arduino. I connected the two wires from the motor to OUTA and OUTB, 12v. to V+ on the motor power side and I grounded it. I also supplied 5V to the V+ on the logic pin side and grounded it as well. I connected PWM pin from the motor driver to the PWM pin on Arduino and the DIR pin (motor driver) to a non PWM digital pin. I programed it so that it changes directions every 2 seconds.
    When I turn on the 12V power supply, the power for arduino comes on as well. The motor does not turn until I plug in the USB cable for Arduino. It rotates in the speed that I expect for 2 seconds and then it starts to vibrate. The power light is dim with just with the power supply and when I plug the USB cable, it becomes brighter. If the USB is already plugged and if I plug the 12v power supply, the motor turns extremely slowly and it vibrates as well.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I would really appreciate a response.

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