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  • You're right about the Mono firmware, it works as Mono when on the uSD, though it doesn't load as Mono in the Config Util. My files weren't converted to Mono, now they work great! But wait, there's more!

    Both the Mono and Stereo files are only playing out of Out 1/ Out 1+2 respectively. Examples of my naming are 0060_S1 Kick M.wav, or 0072_S4 TomF S.wav. This should be enough to route them to the specified outputs, correct? As I said, they are only going to Out 1/ Out 1+2 (whether in Mono or Stereo mode).

    I decided to try an older firmware release, and the clicking noise isn't there on v101, both Mono and Stereo. That's good! But on all firmware versions, I am getting a "whine" from about 2k-20k (when I use a lowpass at 2k it disappears) whenever the Tsunami LED is lit (Tsunami in use).

    I really appreciate your help and time; this is an awesome sample player, and I'm really excited to begin using it in my live set-up. I understand that with new products like this, there are bugs and wrinkles to iron out; thanks again for your replies!

  • Your suspicions are correct! But now onto the next can of worms... Everything works fine in Stereo, great!

    My issue is that when I load in the Mono firmware, it never stays as Mono, but reverts to Stereo. What I mean: I'll save a new .ini in the Tsunami program, as Mono, and when I reopen it, it is Stereo. This happens no matter if I save as a new .ini or if I save over an existing .ini. Any suggestions? I've tried reinstalling the Tsunami program, but the issue persists.

    Also, I hear a 'click' noise in the outputs any time a MIDI command is sent to Tsunami. It's not an audio 'pop' or clipping, it's an actual ticking sound that happens. If I send the MIDI Clock to the Tsunami, the click noise is constantly happening. It happens every time I Note-On and Note-Off, and happens as I push down with aftertouch. Notes don't even have to be played for it to happen, any MIDI command on the channels going to the Tsunami cause an audible click in the Tsunami outputs. I've tried sending commands through my drum machine and also just through my CPU interface, and the click happens in both instances.

    I wonder if grounding the MIDI In port of the Tsunami to the chassis would help? Or any suggestions?

  • On the User Guide page it says that if the LED isn't solid that the following list are the error messages. I guess I didn't go further than that, thinking it wasn't working properly.

  • I'm having trouble getting my firmware to work... I followed the procedure to the letter as to installing the .ini and the .hex files, formatted to Fat32, yet after I do the user+reset (it turns solid) and reset again, I get what I think is the Flash Write error (short flash every two seconds or so). The only thing I can think of is that my card is the Kingston SDC4/16GB, whereas the recommended one is the SDC4/16GBET. Is there a difference? All online retailers make them appear interchangeable. If there is a difference, do you mind suggesting a retailer where I can get exactly the correct SD card? I chose the Kingston because of the low latency, and the 8GB Toshiba is no longer purchasable anywhere. Thanks!

  • Wow! I'm really interested in this unit, I've been wanting a MIDI sample player with multiple outs for since forever, and you know what they say... if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

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