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  • Hey guys, I noticed that the repo/library you link to for manual install is incompatible with the example sketch code you can copy and paste from the hookup guide. At the very least at some point some variable names changed like in MPU9250.h SelfTest turns into selfTest. It seems like the example sketch files in the repository itself were updated with those changes, but the example code on the hookup guide page was not. The result for me is that the library wouldn't compile out-of-the-box when manually installing the library from master branch but copying and pasting the example code from the hookup guide. Not a huge deal, but definitely snagged me and wasted some time.

  • OK got it, the SMD headers makes sense. Well understandable trade-offs I suppose. Maybe just a suggestion then to specify in the product description of that slight difference. The product description seems to indicate quite a lot of UNO compatibility (which obviously the RedBoard does have), but it could be useful for a one-liner that highlights this slight deviation in board design. I ended up buying 2 RedBoards spec'd for a project for those enclosures that aren't really as viable as they don't properly secure/are loose and off at an angle. Probably not a lot of people are going to run into this, but it would have been nice to have a way to have known before making the purchases. Thanks!

  • Just a heads up I bought a couple of the RedBoards to put into the Arduino enclosures you sell (PRT-12839) and the RedBoards have an ever so slightly wider PCB. It's enough that they don't properly snap into the enclosure. Not a huge deal but was a bit of a disappointment to see the boards I specifically purchased for these enclosures don't fit properly, but stock Arduinos (from Duemilanove to Uno) do fit. It would be awesome if they shared the same dimensions and where in fact drop-in replacements for the other boards.

  • Forgive my lack of knowledge when it comes to connector types. Will these crimp pins for standard 0.1" housings?
    For example, something like this?

  • So it seems as though they are designed to be cut every so many LEDs. Which is good in one sense because the project I'd like to do should be battery powered and 1.8 amps is a bit much - plus 1M is too long for what I need. But now here comes the next question: if you cut these strips how easy is it to salvage the cut portion? It's hard to gauge without physically handling one. Has anyone ordered these yet who could comment?