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  • So I broke my SD card socket a while back and was wondering if anyone know where i could get one. The one SFE carries wont work I found out after ordering.

  • The Super Monkey Ball LARPing day was rained out... again :(

  • So far very pleased. The iron heats to 350C in around 6 seconds with the included tip and is very good at maintaining the temp. The hot air works flawlessly. The smoke absorber part works fair, its a nice feature that feels a little lacking to me. Honestly I have thought about removing it from the iron to get it out of the way. I would say if you are in the market for a good middle of the road rework/soldering station you cant beat it. Its not a Weller or Hakko but I really cant find anything functionally to complain about. Great price, two thumbs up!

  • Great tweezers, makes rework so much easier. Also as a side note they work very well for removing splinters, but i highly recommend cleaning them well beforehand. Great price no matter what task you use them for!

  • Does the key have to stay in the switch in the on position or can you turn it on and remove the key?

  • Looks like very nice work. But it seems like the cost/benefit is a little high when you could go buy a garmin for $100 or less which is the cost of the cellular shield alone. But if your bored and looking for a project I say its all good.

  • Or a syringe for use without a template

  • I like last weeks solder paste, but I would also like to see some good quality solder balls added to the lineup too. Maybe a few different sizes in smaller quantities.

  • Any chance you could post the manual?

  • Just reading that made me proud to be a SF customer! I have been kicking around a new iron for a month or so now. I hate to spend money on something that wont last ect... but I think this is the one I really want now. Thanks for the story

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