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  • what should I do if I accidentaly used version 5.7 with bootloader version 2??
    be careful with this link:
    BE CAREFUL WITH STEP 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Download the latest Python PIC24F programmer script. Future firmware releases (>2.0) will include the Python programmer script.
    STOP DO NOT UPLOAD A V4 FIRMWARE TO A V2 BOOTLOADER WITH P24QP.PY!!! The Python utility erases the entire chip, including the ?configuration words? that determine how the pic behaves on start-up. The v4 firmware does not contain replacement configuration words, so the Bus Pirate won?t start from the correct clock after programming a v4 firmware to a v2 bootloader with p24qp.py. Only Upload v2 firmware or BPv3-v2blupdaterVa3-v4.1.hex with P24QP.PY.
    I LOST MY BUS PIRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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