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  • You might want to talk to these guys. www.unictron.com They were in here trying to sell me large quantities of antennas but they couldn't understand I only buy antennas one at a time (Usually through Amazon or eBay or Sparkfun). But I think they would be a good fit for you. I have a direct sales guy email if you want that.

  • I have found a discrepancy in the data sheets.
    The data sheet from SPK says "BATTERY input range 1.6V ~ 5.1V." The data sheet from u-blox says that maximum ratings are "Backup battery voltage,(V_BCKP) Vbckp, min=-0.5 max=3.6".
    So it looks like applying higher than about 3.3V may blow out the battery backup input. I don't see a regulator on the board for this. There does appear to be a series diode on the board.
    I am planning to use a 3V lithium battery.

  • Is there a version 2 planned for this board (and GPS-09133) that does not have the VBAT tied to 3.3V? It looks to me like both boards have pin 18 and pin 36 tied together under the chip where I can't get to it to cut the trace.

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