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  • I would like to understand the design decision behind jp3, pin 1 being 3.3 and not vccio? thanks.

  • I second Frotz. We need a case like this that holds the BBB and two capes.

  • Had a very hard time inserting the break-away headers (PRT-00116) into the prototyping pins. They really don’t act like they were made for one another. I never did really get them fully inserted. On some attempts the pins were pushed through the break-away header and not further into the prototyping pins.

  • I would like to suggest that if you are going to keep putting pull-up resistors on breakout boards (as if they were the ONLY thing on the I2C bus), that you also provide jumpers so that they can be easily removed without having to desolder 0402 smt resistors. Thanks.

  • These product posts would be even better without the background musak.

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