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  • Observations: [1] A more literal translation is: “Is my elevator here yet?” Yours would translate to: “Wo ist mein Aufzug?” https://translate.google.com/?hl=en&authuser=0#auto/en/Wo%20ist%20mein%20Aufzug [2] Since it works in the elevator, THAT elevator is not a (good) Faraday cage.

  • I just got one of these. I wanted to add the “optional” on-board 23LC1024 SPI SRAM, but I can’t seem to find out whether the board footprint is SOIC or TSSOP. Which is it? The pjrc web site didn’t have anything useful either. I guess I could order both types, but that sucks.

  • What do you mean by “three pairs of items”? I see only single pairs (two of 1 or 1 with 2).

    That’s got to be an “oops”.

  • So where are the accuracy specs? Someone still working on that?

  • Your GitHub link for bus pirate is dead.

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