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  • 2014 will soon be here. Isn't it time for a full lineup of surface mount picaxe chips?

  • murphy: _ It was an easy buck with the right sniping software or scripts._
    I am so disgusted that script-kiddies came to rob us! so, where is the map of showing where most of these packages went to. call the national enquirer. I want to know. :D

  • I assure you that there are other methods of randomly distributing 1000 $100 vouchers among 35,000 participants that would not entail the refocusing of so much valuable mental productivity away from other important economic activities. It is unworthy of to create a condition of net wasted X man-years among the 97% of those who got no benefit from their participation in the stress test of your servers. I implore to be environmentally and socially more responsible with the next giveaway event.
    May I also point out that there is very low number (my S.W.A.G. is 1%) among those who benefited from the vouchers who will even have the desire to document and share their projects. It seems to me that the way to get more projects shared would be to reward those who submit complete documentation that is usable by others, IMHO. 73

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