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  • Now I’m a Star Trek fan…


    Ahem. Anyway, even I can recognize the awesomeness of this project. But you had damn well better dress up in full costume for Halloween, go trick and treating in it AND make a video of it. As they say on the great web, pics or it didn’t happen (or videos in this case, since we need to hear the voice modified).

  • Ack, I thought the picture text was a subtle hint at Ghostbusters, and then I notice the headline and the bolded paragraph. So much for trying to be clever. :(

  • There IS something strange. In the neighbourhood. But I don’t really think you are the ones I should be calling…

  • This company and its employees just keeps upping its/their awesomeness factor. :D

  • Dear Sparkfun. I want to ask my girlfriend to the prom, but I’ve recently had a rash break out in my face of all places. I’ve tried rubbing it with snake oil, but it didn’t help. What should I do?

      1. I don’t have Twitter, so I have to post here instead.
  • The first and third design remind me of a Danish Christmas tradition which may give you some inspiration. Christmas Hearts, as seen here: http://d200fahol9mbkt.cloudfront.net/item/470982/Christmas_Hearts1.jpg

  • Thanks, that does make sense. I was assuming that since their watch had been displayed at the Maker faire, it would be open source.

    So the Solder:Time kit can’t be tinkered with, in order to add new functions, but yours can? Off the top of my head I can imagine a few functions that would do well with the display, such as an alarm, a stopwatch and displaying the date in US and EU format, but just day and month of course.

  • So let me see if I got this straight. The Big Time Watch Kit is Sparkfun’s version of Spikenzie Labs kit, and you have changed the IC?

    The reason I ask is I’m a bit confused why Sparkfun would make an almost exact copy of something thought up by another company. Unless Spikenzie is one of your companies as well?

  • I completely agree with you, John, and I don’t exactly qualify for being a dinosaur. The idea of textiles and electronics is fine, but this is just pointless, to use it for showoff. Yay, I have a dress that has blinking lights. Make e-textiles that have a purpose and a function, not just some random bling bling, thank you.

  • Thanks, but by exclusive I mean if you give out $100 like last year, PLUS whatever credit you get from the amount of years since you first ordered something, or if you’re skipping the part with the $100.<br />
    <br />
    And let me see if I understood you right. If I choose to partake in the quiz, I forfeit (sp?) the credits I would have gotten from the first order?<br />
    <br />
    Sorry btw, I thought the post would have gone to the thread I replied to.

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