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  • Dane here. I decided to watch this video just to hear the pronounciation of his name, and I was not disappointed. That was pretty far off. xD But then again, you use the typical English spelling with double a, whereas it's actually å, a single a with a circle above it.

    You will hear no grievance from me about the history though but that's because it has never interested me, so I don't actually know it. And really, I just figured I'd be a little informative here, for good measure, the mispronounciation is really no skin off my back.

  • To be honest, when I saw Swedish fish being mentioned, I was sure it was gonna be surströmning.

  • LEGO AND a hardware breadboard?! TAKE MY MONEY NOW!

  • I can't help but think that this could either be combined with Simon Says or made from a Simon Says game.

  • Now I'm a Star Trek fan...


    Ahem. Anyway, even I can recognize the awesomeness of this project. But you had damn well better dress up in full costume for Halloween, go trick and treating in it AND make a video of it. As they say on the great web, pics or it didn't happen (or videos in this case, since we need to hear the voice modified).

  • Ack, I thought the picture text was a subtle hint at Ghostbusters, and then I notice the headline and the bolded paragraph. So much for trying to be clever. :(

  • There IS something strange. In the neighbourhood. But I don't really think you are the ones I should be calling...

  • This company and its employees just keeps upping its/their awesomeness factor. :D

  • Dear Sparkfun. I want to ask my girlfriend to the prom, but I've recently had a rash break out in my face of all places. I've tried rubbing it with snake oil, but it didn't help. What should I do?

    P. S. I don't have Twitter, so I have to post here instead.

  • The first and third design remind me of a Danish Christmas tradition which may give you some inspiration. Christmas Hearts, as seen here: http://d200fahol9mbkt.cloudfront.net/item/470982/Christmas_Hearts1.jpg

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