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  • I have taken a 3 day course at SFE (the old location) and spent time with the awesome SFE employees. While I loved my experience there and the interactions with all of the employees, the far left/extreme progressive element in Boulder and specifically at SFE was so readily apparent that as a moderate I felt uncomfortable. I am a politically and socially middle of the road on just about everything except my pride as an American and my defense of free speech. But this article is absolute illustration of how out of touch the far left progressive types are with the majority of Americans and the responses on this thread are a clear indication of that fact. I am not a Trump supporter and never will be, but the fact is that if we "let other places that our better making those components take care of it" we will become an economy of dry cleaners and lawn services. If we pen articles that say that calculating the new cost structures is too daunting for a company that does REALLY complicated stuff in order to make a political point, the fake news narrative the right tries to play seems more and more real.

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