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  • Not to get too feisty about it, but quite a while ago (couple years) I was looking for a USB-based Arduino and wound up getting in quite an argument with the Teensy's creator because he was leveraging the open-source Arduino environment to sell a proprietary product. I practically begged him to open-source the bootloader and Teensy in general and help it be the "next" Arduino, but his response was "Teensy has a business model which has been carefully considered... factored into the business model are potential lost sales opportunities for 'zealots' who will only buy a completely open platform."

    So, no trouble; my choice to wait for a "completely open platform," and now that it's here I have very little pity. I admire the Teensy as a technical achievement, but it was PJRC's choice to keep it closed.

  • That's what I meant about building a jig. I wouldn't even worry about it except that 1) I don't think the Leonardo bootloader is finalized (so there's a decent likelihood of needing to reflash), 2) the pro that I made in the SMD stencil class for some reason needs ISP to reprogram no matter how often I reflash the loader (go figure; it looked like it was working fine at class), and 3) I'm looking at the 32u4 for HID applications with custom reports (keyboard/mouse/multibutton/multiaxis joystick combined) and while I'm not sure, I suspect that'll involve some reflashing goodness.

    Looks like a fun little product tho, and a jig wouldn't be hard to make.

  • Hmm, but I don't see a shiny 6-pin header for ISP programming, which would be nice if you're reflashing it periodically (I had to do that with my Pro a few times). Omission or just assumed you'll build a jig for it or some such?

  • DeadTom (or others coming here later...)
    I bought a few of these for CNC limit switches not realizing that limit switches are normally NC rather than NO (which these are).
    However, these are easy to pry apart with a fingernail and small screwdriver; there is actually a small tab connected to the NC position, so these are really three-terminal microswitches but the NC terminal is essentially clipped flush with the case. I swapped the two terminals (the small metal tabs easily slide out of the case)and so far it seems to be working fine as an NC switch now.

  • Just so I understand the "place" for this board... 1) does this basically take the place of the FTDI breakout board for the Arduino Pro boards, and 2) would this basically allow me to use an Arduino Pro with the "represent the USB port as a HID device" hack that is evidently possible on the Unos? (my Orbshield (http://orbduino.sourceforge.net) is having trouble with some chips, and bitbanging a USB port via V-USB is perhaps less elegant than the "existing USB port as HID device" solution).

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