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  • Ignore the element-resistant question lol. Just realized that it said epoxy coated in the description.

  • Just ordered one. I’m going to be building a solar charger for my iPhone. An “on-the-fly” one, with no batteries. If I feel the need, I may implement a li-ion battery/charger into the design later.
    But yeah, I’m going to be using it for hiking/camping/outdoor trips when I will be away from electricity for extended periods of time. Basically - Charge during the day (Solar Cell either mounted to my backpack/gear or on top of a tent) then have the change for later in the afternoon/evening to check email, browse the web, etc.
    Oh by the way - For the people who own(ed) one of these, is it element-resistant? Like can it withstand some wetness/rain? If not Ill just cover it in plastic and what not.

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