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  • The video measuring the Voltage on the tube with a 1uF condenser
    instead of 10uF in the circuitry of the toggle ramp produces 500V instead of 900 Volts.

  • Yes , I will do it again on the weekend and send you what tools I used via a video.

  • Pulses uS/h for LND based on Cs137 and measured in a Lab
    0 0,000
    5 0,038
    10 0,076
    25 0,190
    50 0,381
    75 0,571
    100 0,761
    111 0,845
    371 3,498
    1298 14
    4603 57
    25707 360
    50000 700
    75000 1050
    100000 1400
    Have fun at funspark !

  • How do you "measure" as this item is only sending zeros and ones via USB to the termial while a particle is flying through it ?

  • Christine, please make a drawing and make it official her. I will redesign my 2 geigers if necessary.

  • I was buying 2 of them and I have some comments :
    1.) The hardware is ok. But there is a severe issue regarding
    the Voltage beein fed into the tube ! I measured 900(!) Volts
    with a Fluke Meter and that's far too high for this LND tube ! LND describes the plateu of the Geiger-Mueller Tube in between 400 and 500 Volts. Higher Voltage will destroy the tube and shorten life dramatically. So I changed the 10 uF Condenser (right one near the diode in front of the transformer) to a value of 1uF and I get 430 Volts, best range for the tune.
    2.) The software is ugly ! I expected the values of microSievert/h or the Impulses (counts) per minute or second sent via the USB port. But they send zeros and ones while the tube is affected. Useless as a measuring instrument. I am working on a different processor to bring in with a software sending either the cps periodically or the microSievert/hour also.

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