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  • Well I got this GPS working with an Arduino, thanks to the great support given my Mike and the SparkFun tech support! SOrry I left a bad comment before. The problem with interfacing this chip with an arduino is that the arduino serial lines read 5V serial data, and the GPS chip only output at about 2.8 volts, not quite high enough for the arduino to pick up. You have to boost the voltage on this serial connection and then it works!

  • I am Trying to set this up with an arduino, with the just tx GPS pin connected to the rx arduino pin, the power pins connected to 5v and pin 5 to 5V. i am just setting it up to Serial.Read() from the arduino @ 9600 bps, and I get nothing? Sparkfun Tech support stopped replying to my emails this week. Any ideas? I am beginning to think this is just a conversation piece.

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