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  • I’ve got these doing PWM fading for a big section of the 60 LED/m strip. So, FYI: PWM works fine for fading LEDs that draw a decent amount of current. Though I learned some things in the process.

    Since these are “power” control, the labels are “+” and “-”, with the control labelled “C”. Makes sense, except that I was previously dealing with the mosfet itself which has Gate, Drain, and Source pins. I’m still learning much of the electrical engineering stuff, so it took a bit of time, experimentation, and vulgarity to figure out which pin mapped to which terminal, which I will share:

    I have output pin 3 (for PWM) of the Arduino connected to the “C” terminal. This is connected to the Gate pin. I have +12V going to the LED strip’s +12V lead. The red LED lead connects to the “-” terminal on the other side of the board opposite of the “C”. The “-” terminal there is connected to the Drain pin on the mosfet. I connect the “-” terminal next to the “C” terminal to ground.

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