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  • Great, great sensor. Very clean output. Very sensitive. If you hold it in your hand it will spike very quickly.

  • I got LUFA to compile fairly easy. The DFU loader takes 4KB. Virtual serial seems to take a pretty big chunk of space too 2942 bytes. Not leaving a ton of space for user code.

  • Make cool stuff. Make cool stuff cooler. Help people make cool stuff.

  • Yeah. I looked at the datasheet. Hoped I read wrong. Oh well.. the 1$ extra for the 32u4 is well worth it.

  • Does anyone know if the 8u2 does twi, i2c or analog in. Want to use this with some sensors but the chip seems pretty useless compared to the 32u4.

  • I remember etching my first board with a sharpie and the rshack board kit. I also vividly remembered the day i learned not to solder barefoot. Dropped solder off the bench onto the top of my foot. Sadly it stuck to my foot and transferred its energy to my foot! Ouch!
    Congrats, when touring SF I asked what the earliest age my kid could solder in one of their classes (i have a 6 week old). They said 8.. maybe time to rethink that?

  • It depends on what you want to do with the numbers... I would take the measurements inline with a resistor. Knowing the voltage and the current gives you power.. this number is probably better depending on what you are doing.
    V=I*R controls the world.

  • Anyone notice the mistranslation in the datasheet.
    I consider using MLX90614AAA to measure temperature within car compartment, but I am
    embarrassed about the Sun light that may hit the module. Is it a significant issue?
    Special care is taken to cut off the visible light spectra as well as the NIR (near IR) before

  • What I would like to see is maybe a like an ISA card profile on the back of the board.. where as many IO pins are simply brought out.. I can tag a wire onto the end.. or maybe just a crap load of holes on the back of the card so i can solder in a full header.

  • Whoops.. didn't realize they were in C# too. Oh well.