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  • Asked on the PJRC-forum, quickly got a response;

    Short answer: Yes, it is a problem. It should be solvable though by cutting the connection to pin 6 on one of the boards, preferably such that the pull-up resistor is still connected to the CS pin on the memory chip, and then rewire it to be connected to a different pin on the teensy.

  • So, I followed the guide and slightly adapted it to fit the Teensy 3.6, and it all seems to work.

    Since I need some heavy delays, I soldered on a RAM on each audio board (my first on something that small, not easy), although in retrospect one chip might be enough. I haven't tried it yet, but just inspected the schematics, and now I can't figure out whether it would work, or (in worst case) fry the RAM chips, since they are on the same CS (pin 6).

    Is this a problem? Any way to avoid it? (preferably without the need to unsolder the RAM chips).

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