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  • Note that this cable has the ribbon FLIPPED from the way the
    ribbon is attached to the IDC connector on the adafruit cable.
    With the release of the V5 firmware that knows the color code
    (try the "v" command) things get confusing. The seeed studio
    cable looks the same as the sparkfun cable.
    Black is ground on the sparkfun and seeed cables.
    Brown is ground on the adafruit cable (and in the v5 firmware).
    Watch Out!

  • Color code seems to be:
    black - gnd
    white - 3.3V
    grey - 5V
    purple - ADC
    blue - VExtern
    green - aux1
    yellow - clk
    orange - MOSI
    red - CS
    brown - MISO
    You'd think that this would be in the official documentation.

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