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  • That’s good news - thanks for the quick response.

  • I just got my Rover 5. It looks nice, but I ran into a problem. I removed the wheels from one side with no problem, but when I took the wheels off the other side, one of the drive shafts came off with the wheel. I did not apply any more force to this wheel than to the others. I cannot get the shaft to go back in, and I don’t want to try to open the gearbox because that could get messy quickly.
    Is there a simple fix for getting the drive shaft replaced? If not, I’d like to exchange this one for another.

  • I saw on one of the other magnets you sell, that it had to be within 3cm to trip a reed switch. What is the distance to trip the same switch with this magnet?

  • The videos are very helpful in explaining your new products. Please continue making them.

  • Is the serial protocol for this device proprietary? I’d like to use this with a PICAXE because I don’t want to pot an Arduino, but I’m not sure the PICAXE would be able to generate the serial signal for it.

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