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  • Yes, I see that now. Thanks.

  • It is not clear from either the datasheet nor from the SFE description whether this is an auto-zero-cross switching SSR, or if it is a phase-angle switching version? There are advantages and disadvantages either way, but we need to know which it is to properly identify what it is suitable for?

  • Sounds like many of us would like to see the pins included, but not soldered, so we had the option. As others observe, it can't be plugged into a conventional "breadboard" anyway, so what exactly is the point? What CAN you plug this into with those pins?

  • They appear to be connection "via"s. To connect the copper on the top side to the copper on the bottom side. Not clear why they didn't just make the main mounting holes plated-through like you see on other PCBs.

  • WOW! This is fantastic! I have been looking for these for months. I could find only the odd bit of dusty/corroded NOS (new/old stock) here and there.

    Are these currently in production? Or is this a limited supply of NOS? (The date code on the photo is from 1999)

    Some applications: 1) position and setting indicators on control panels with rotary encoder control (example: gain of a microphone preamp) 2) Indication of graphic "page" input for a video switcher (example: BlackMagic Design ATEM TV Studio) 3) voltage/current display on a "power brick"

  • Why do I have a SKU tattoed on my arm?

  • For those wanting a tutorial on making acrylic boxes, head on over to my local (Portland, OR) plastics supplier, Tap Plastics. They have a wide variety of materials, custom cutting, and instructional videos online.

    http://www.tapplastics.com/ http://www.tapplastics.com/product_info/videos http://www.tapplastics.com/product_info/videos/how_to_build_a_box_with_plastic

  • Great stuff! Thank you very much! It would be helpful to know a couple identities/sources: What kind of pump did you use? Is is a kind that can handle metal chips in the fluid stream? You didn't mention using a filter, and there appears to be some chips and some good size chunks of metal in the "runoff gutter" of your collecting tank.

    What kind of cooling fluid, and a suggestion for source of hobby-quantity purchases?

    I found both US and Asian sources of the articulated segmented "hose" and nozzle pieces on eBay.

  • Well, I took care of that black cat. Who's next?

  • When the President visited our campus, the Secret Service wanted to run their bomb-sniffing dogs through the wafer fab cleanroom (where we were making 386 processors at the time). The SS was unable to find cleanroom "bunny suits" for the canine crew but the POTUS completed his tour without incident.

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