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  • The picture here shows what looks like spade connectors. The datasheet picture is screw connectors. Which is it?

  • Voltage levels. I kludged up the "normal" one-transistor level converter to take the PC's TX at RS232 levels to the backpack's RX at TTL levels out of parts I had at hand and it seems to work okay. Other than some of the complaints made above about slow response, etc.

  • For the moment, I'd like to send command strings to this from a PC. I've configured a serial port for 115,200 baud, 8N1. Something is clearly getting through, as the display adds a "character" for each keystroke. The character that gets displayed has no obvious correlation with the character I send, though. I can think of a number of things that could cause problems: voltage levels, slew rate (given test clip connectivity), subtle timing errors. Has anyone had any luck doing this?

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