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  • Product DEV-12732 | about 2 months ago

    Each of Sensors Port 1-4 are on their own I2C bus. Ports 1-4 also support analog sensors (like the touch sensor or thermometers), and some of the custom LEGO sensors like their ultrasonic.

    Sensor Port 5 is on an i2C bus with the Raspberry Pi, which supports fast I2C sensors.

    The problem with putting all 4 on the same bus is that you would not be able to support multiple ultrasonic sensors, or the other custom LEGO sensors like the light sensor.

  • Product DEV-12732 | about 2 months ago

    These are the BrickPi Advance model. And you’re right the Advanced is better for batteries.

  • Product KIT-11591 | about 10 months ago

    Is there any hope for a 10-pin JTAG programmer in the future?

  • Product KIT-11591 | about 10 months ago

    Best product ever. EVER. Buying two right now.

  • Product COM-10330 | about a year ago

    Here’s an Arduino shield for the PS2 Controller on Tindie:


  • Product PRT-11637 | about a year ago

    Any example circuit on how these might be used?

  • Product SEN-10612 | about 3 years ago

    I may be missing something obvious: output from this example code is in degrees per second, or is it in 10’s of degrees per second?
    And does that value change as you change the full scale selection? If you move from 250 dps to 2000 dps, is the output still in 10’s of dps?

  • Product BOB-09823 | about 3 years ago

    Could this be used to connect an Xbee to an RS-485 connection? Would it be possible to do that directly with this device?

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