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  • Take this and add an SC16IS740/50/60 (an I2C-based UART), or equivalent, on the back and you got a neat little board to add RS232 to an I2C bus.

  • Ditto, and the metal pin was left in the socket. One of the few times I've intentionally had to test the insulation on my pliers.

  • Re-posting from YouTube to here:

    Maybe not all that efficient for individual characters, but´╗┐ how about as a giant pre-programmed/programmable "clip board"? Name, full name, email, street address, home lat/long, URL's, etc. as different positions? Perhaps not that useful in the grand scheme of things, but given you already have one then perhaps more useful.

  • What are the [analog-side] design considerations when increasing the resolution of an ADC to something like 24-bit (or anything significantly higher than the usual 8- or 10-bits)? What if combined with an amplifier with a modest gain (x1000)?

  • I purchased these tweezers and took a picture of the tips through an Olympus SZ51 dissection microscope at 8x: picture. I have had good use of them down to 0402 resistors.

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