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  • I have difficulty understanding the 66 channel part. There aren’t 66 (GPS)satellites, and the receiver can only see those satellites above the horizon, and not around the curvature of the Earth. I doubt that it is intended for space use since it isn’t RH (radiation hardened). Just a marketing ploy?

  • In actuality, there are a number of voltage spikes in the automotive 12 VDC system. The ripple from the alternator, especially at high load, HV spikes from start solenoid disengagement, other coils and actuators, etc. An isolated input would be wise.

    And to the Gent RE: battery noise..“ what’s cleaner than a 9V battery”, depends on the chemistry. the newer chemistry’s have much lower internal resistance, producing cleaner(quieter) power. Earlier types required a bit of filtering to produce a clean current. Try a 9V lithium type. FWIW

  • This is awesome! My brother and his friends have suffered all their lives with impatient and inconsiderate people just trying to survive. This will make a tremendous improvement on their lives.
    God bless the developers for this effort.
    Thank you Sparkfun for your products which inspire so many worthwhile creations.

  • Since this board has programming capability through the usb port, is it absolutely necessary to buy a JTAG device for debugging if you aren’t using large code files?

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