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  • These are awesome for sorting parts and pulling them from parts bins. I’d sometimes been using my needle nose pliers for such things, but these work much better.

  • I really like this book. He has a lot of interesting projects with great photos and detailed diagrams. Full color. The hardest part about it is finding all the parts you need for the projects. I have had to order parts from three or four different sites (including Sparkfun) and sometimes I order the wrong parts because I’m just beginning (of course) and don’t really know how to order electronic parts. For example, I ordered a bunch of 555 chips (on another site), not realizing that they were tiny and won’t fit my breadboard.
    It would be great if Sparkfun would put together parts kits for this book. Maker Shed says they are working on this, but they don’t have anything yet. If you simply stocked all the parts he lists, that would be great. For example, adding 2N6027 PUTs. He uses them a lot, but these are actually pretty unusual (or so I’ve learned) and hard to find.

  • Wondering if you could post links to the datasheets for these. I just bought it and am not sure, e.g., how to figure out how to wire up the 7 segment LED. I thought maybe there would be some details packaged with the kit, but there aren’t.

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