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  • Purchased my tickets last week; so very excited!
    Oh, and this year -- Could we try to bring some SMD kits? :D I was a bit sad last year to find out there were only PTH kits available.

  • Nate is my hero.

  • Awesome! Can't wait to attend my Maker Faire.
    Will more information regarding the SparkFun booth (such as the location, specific workshops, etc.) be announced as the event gets closer?

  • Well, that explains a lot of things.
    I was on before and couldn't find that Sparc Accelerometer breakout board I was looking for. Guess I mixed up the manufacturers - it was a SparkFun board.
    (For the lawyers, that was a joke.)
    Anyways, great news to hear. Glad both parties are happy.

  • Hm, interesting. A $3-5k dual nehalem xeon whitebox wouldn't be able to compare to this beast? She sure is pretty though.

  • Congrats once again on a successful Free Day, and glad that there weren't any fires.
    The the video tutorial/guide on assembling the Simon TH Kit is a great idea, and very well done. Background music fits in well, is very calming, and isn't distracting. The narrator is also very clear and not boring.
    Not to be overly critical, but the transition between scenes feels a bit awkward and rushed. The SparkFun website shows up without any warning right after a short introduction, as well as the transition between the "Included parts" to "What's Required" and "What's Required" to "Here's how" seems lacking.
    I also think it might be a neat idea to have a small overlay of the PCB in the upper right corner showing the location of the current part. There are several scenes dedicated to components that have a specific polarity. While things like resistors are fine either way, it would be nice to know exactly where on the PCB you're putting it. Although, the instruction manual does a very good job of showing the location of all parts.
    Overall, a very well made, informative video.

  • Sad I wasn't able to participate in the fun, but oh well. Hope everyone who got an order through puts their goodies to good use!
    Congrats to SparkFun, Happy Anniversary, and thanks for the awesome day!
    P.S. The guesses graph link has an extra http in it.

  • If the SparkFun website was like molasses before, now its like butter :).. Possibly even melted gooy running chocolate.. mmm, chocolate. Loaded up nearly instantly and I was greeted with server porn, mmm... Looking great! Love the orange cables, too.

  • From what I understand, all orders placed within that time period (while $100k wasn't reached) will automatically get a $100 credit, excluding Shipping. If your order is under $100 then you're still good. If it's over $100, you'll only be charged the difference (a $146 order will be charged $46 + shipping)... From what I understand.

  • Very kind of you :).
    Can be taken a step further and have a product of $1 value per quantity (54 quantity is $54). Then, either give a fixed amount, or random amount, to individuals who enter a specific listing (those who to participate in receiving).

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