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  • Is there any hope of being able to pay a buck or so more and get one prepopulated with the crystal for RTC? You don't carry the caps, I'm trying with the crystal, but on a breadboard it feels like it'll be impossible to get the timings right, and I hate soldering SMD. If you'd build it, I'd buy it. A lot of them possibly. :)

  • I agree with this. The footprint seems wrong. Even on the UBW32 which it says should work. The parts that go through the hole (not the pads or connectors) line up, but on the UBW32, the unregulated power connector prevents the pin from going all the way in the hole and catching. The USB on the other side of the hole seems fine.

    The spacing on the pads is wrong, but possibly doable. The UBW32 pads are too close together, especially since on the USB part, the pin spacing between 1-2 and 3-4 is greater than 2-3. Has nobody at sparkfun actually tried this?

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