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  • The tour description mentions three different possible kits. I am confused as to whether a single tour stop (e.g. at a hackerspace) will only use one kit or all three. Is the hardware left behind at the end of the day a classroom set for a single kit or for all three kits?

  • Does the EL tape have the same characteristics as EL wire where you can cut into several smaller segments? If so, is it easy to solder connectors to the cut segment?

  • You might want to check out http://www.unr.edu/nevadasat/hale/ for a description of high-altitude balloon experiment performed in 2008. A group of LEGO Mindstorms enthusiasts launched two balloons containing a total of nine LEGO NXT systems and reached 99.5K foot altitude.

  • Several comments have highlighted that the EL Sequencer/Escudo is unable to drive more than one (or perhaps two) EL wire at a time.
    I have only limited h/w skills but I can suggest one possible cause. Logic level signals from the AVR are used to drive the Gate input to the TRIACs. But there doesn't appear to be any return path to logic GND for this signal. I'm guessing that there's some kind of "capacitive coupling" that allows barely enough current to drive a single EL wire but not two or more; if there was no capacitive coupling then I don't even understand how even a single EL wire is able to be driven.
    NOTE: In my case I'm not using the JP13 ("DC Power to EL Driver'") connection as my EL Power Driver is driven by a separate 2 x AA battery supply. Perhaps if I'd used JP13 then the EL Power supply may have provided an internal connection between logic GND and HVGND signals?
    Is the "fix" as simple as tying logic GND and HVGND together? If so, then is this a dangerous / non-safe thing to do with respect to distributing the HV AC signals throughout the board?

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