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  • Robert points to a 74HC165 and says "input", Nick points to a 74HC165 and says "output"... I'm so confuzzled!

  • Dang Dave!!! Hawt much? Also, I like this shirt the best of all the SFE shirts too!

  • Robert and Dave never though the others understood their theory of "Peanut Butter Jelly Time". They thought things were going well using costumes, but then it all went horribly wrong!

  • Cool! I've always wanted a pack of tern! Shows you how much I know, I always thought it was a flock of tern.

  • Ohhh! With a "gryro", my robot will NEVER get lost!

  • Wow Dave! Hawt much?
    Not to say that Rob and many of the other men of Sparkfun (you guys should do a calendar for charity) are slouches either.
    Wish I could be there (and no, not just to make you feel uncomfortable). You guys are doing and enabling such cool stuff every day. I saw a up and coming bike racer yesterday who showed me his peleton training device that warned him when he was getting out of the drafting envelope or too close to the rider's wheel in front. It also recorded the GPS coordinates with that data so he could see if he had consistent issues with certain terrain. He said training with it had improved his peleton confidence and performance immensely! It had SparkFun logo's all over it!

  • Recent WiFly boards have a 14.7456MHz crystal connected to the SCI16IS750 SPI-UART on them instead of the 12.288MHz crystal found on the board this tutorial was written for.
    If you're using the old baud rate setting of 0x50, when you connect the serial console to the transparent terminal sketch, you'll see:
    WiFly Shield Terminal Routine
    Bridge initialized successfully!
    and the line of gibberish will be repeated every about every 10 seconds. Change the DivL value in the UART configuration struct (or code) to use the value 0x60 instead of 0x50 in order to get it to work at 9600 baud.

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