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  • These boards don't actually work, because of a design fault on VDD (See ChTacklind's comment below). They appear to work if you use an ERM motor because the power supply fluctuations are roughly correlated with motor commands, but the fault becomes obvious if you use an LRA motor. You can save $6.95 by driving your ERM motor directly from an (eg) Arduino PWM pin. That's not ideal, but it's better than this board.

  • Pansenti over at


    says they have an Arduino driver for the 9150 that they will consider making available to the Sparkfun community "if there is enough interest". I suggest that you wander over that way and express interest.

  • Can anybody give me some advice about what GPS units work/are best to use with this board?

  • I found the same. I got it working by following bmk's advice above. ie the triac gate needs to be switched HIGH and LOW to make the wire flash.

  • Am I understanding this right? If I plug a USB connector into my Arduino board to program it, this puts 5V onto the input of the 3V inverter that Sparkfun sells to go with this sheild, and I will fry the inverter? I checked, without the inverter connected, and sure enough there's 5V on the 3V connector. I am being cautious for now, taking the sheild off to reprogram the Arduino, but I really can't believe that Sparkfun would supply components that will destroy each other in this way. What a pain to have to unplug-replug every time I want to reprogram the chip (I'm making an animated bug with EL wire). Please tell me its OK to plug in the USB and program/test without disconnecting the sheild.

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