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  • Pansenti over at

    says they have an Arduino driver for the 9150 that they will consider making available to the Sparkfun community “if there is enough interest”. I suggest that you wander over that way and express interest.

  • Can anybody give me some advice about what GPS units work/are best to use with this board?

  • I found the same. I got it working by following bmk’s advice above. ie the triac gate needs to be switched HIGH and LOW to make the wire flash.

  • Am I understanding this right? If I plug a USB connector into my Arduino board to program it, this puts 5V onto the input of the 3V inverter that Sparkfun sells to go with this sheild, and I will fry the inverter? I checked, without the inverter connected, and sure enough there’s 5V on the 3V connector. I am being cautious for now, taking the sheild off to reprogram the Arduino, but I really can’t believe that Sparkfun would supply components that will destroy each other in this way. What a pain to have to unplug-replug every time I want to reprogram the chip (I’m making an animated bug with EL wire). Please tell me its OK to plug in the USB and program/test without disconnecting the sheild.

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